Frequently Asked Questions

The Belize Fund will accept a letter of commitment, a copy of an award letter, or a copy of the grant award to confirm committed funds.

Yes. The Belize Fund will support international traveling as long as the activity is directly linked to the Belize Fund’s Thematic Areas and conservation commitments.

Yes. The salary limitations are as follows:

  1. 100% of staff salaries can be covered by Belize Fund, for new positions that are fully and exclusively involved in the implementation of Belize Fund’s project activities.
  2. Up to 60% of salaries for existing staff can be covered by Belize Fund, provided that they are directly involved in the implementation of Belize Fund’s project activities.
  3. Up to 20% of administrative staff salaries, such as Executive Director, Finance personnel, drivers, accountants, HR, etc., can be covered by the Belize Fund in support of project activities.

Yes, entities that are serving as intermediaries are eligible to submit an application on behalf of their organization during the same CfP.

Yes. Government entities are eligible to apply for funds under the GAP provided that the funding is for an activity not covered by the Government Strategic Allocation (GSA) and the governmental entity is a junior co-applicant1 in an application with a non-government entity being the main/lead applicant.

The Belize Fund accepts both cash and/or in-kind.

Yes. A private business/company can apply for grant funding under the Grants Award Program, provided that the entity meets Belize Fund’s eligibility criteria and contributes towards the Belize Fund’s Thematic Areas. Private sector applicants will be required to provide a 1:1 co-financing and additional requirements2 . Co-financing can be in the form of cash or in-kind (combined).

Yes, overhead expenses are categorized under administrative expenses.

Yes. The Belize Fund considers and awards planning grants.

Yes, the Belize Fund will provide feedback during and after the Call to update the proponent organization on the application status.

No, individuals are not eligible to apply for a Belize Fund grant. The Belize Fund will only fund entities that are legally registered in Belize and can demonstrate sound financial and project management.

Yes. While organizations can still apply for funding, FIU/CGS are required documents in the Belize Fund’s Financial Risk Screening to be able to demonstrate sound governance and financial management. Organizations that cannot present these documents at application will be required to submit these documents by a defined date during project implementation, as specified in the Grant Agreement.

The expected turnaround time to approve an application is ninety (90) days from the CfP deadline.

Throughout each stage of the application process, the applicant will be informed whether or not their application has passed or failed to advance to the next stage.

1 Junior Co-applicant: Is an entity that is involved in the grant application of a proposed project with minor or less project implementation responsibilities.

2 Applications should be focused on projects with a conservation approach that generate positive impacts to ecosystems and livelihoods.