Who Can Apply

Grants Award Program (GAP) Eligibility Criteria

  1. Non-government 

The following organizational categories are eligible to apply under the GAP, provided that they (ⅰ) are a registered non-governmental organization; (ⅱ) have existed and is operational in Belize for a minimum of one (1) year prior to submission of the application and (ⅲ) can demonstrate successful project and financial management:

  • Universities, colleges and high schools;
  • NGOs;
  • Private corporations or other companies; 
  • Local community associations and other community bodies; and
  • Other appropriate local entities working toward the Vision, Mission, and Goals of the Belize Fund for a Sustainable Future (Belize Fund).

Entities that meet requirement (i), but have not existed and operated in Belize for a minimum of one (1) year nor have strong project management and fiduciary management experience will be required to submit an application through an intermediary. 

An intermediary entity is an NGO or Non-profit organization that provides the full administrative infrastructure for grant implementation, including financial management, grant execution, human resources, compliance oversight, and expert guidance to recently established and less experienced NGOs who lack project implementation capacity. Intermediaries must meet the eligibility criteria for non-government entities above.

  1. Government

Public sector agencies of the Government are eligible to apply to the GAP provided that:

  • Funding is for an activity not covered by the GSA; or
  • Application is as a junior co-applicant in an application with a non-government entity. 

Belize Fund may decide to restrict the participation of any of the above categories of persons or organizations in any given GAP year.