Barranco Village Erosion Study


National Garifuna Council


Barranco Village

Thematic Area:

Climate Resilience


June 2024 – May 2026

Funds from Belize Fund ($BZD):


Co-financing ($BZD):


Project Goal:

To safeguard the environmental and livelihood assets of Barranco village by implementing short, medium, and long-term remedial solutions to mitigate the erosion of the Barranco shoreline.

Project Objectives:

  1. To determine the coastal dynamics contributing to the erosion of Barranco’s shoreline through scientific studies
  2. To identify culturally appropriate, gender-responsive solutions to remediate shoreline erosion and provide sustainable economic benefits to Barranco residents

Expected Outputs:

  1. Research and monitoring protocols and methodology designed for long-term study of coastal dynamics.
  2. Scientific studies conducted on the coastal dynamics contributing to erosion including coastal profile, wave energy, currents, sediment sources, among others.
  3. Community, government, education, and environmental conservation stakeholders regularly engaged to share knowledge on ongoing studies and results.
  4. Expert analysis conducted to identify short, medium, and long-term solutions for shoreline management and adaptation that are feasible, sustainable, equitable and economically beneficial.
  5. Communities engaged in consultations to discuss feasible, sustainable, equitable and economically beneficial solutions to adaptation.