Empowering Belize’s Seaweed Mariculture: Strengthening Institutional Capacity of BWSFA for Sustainable Growth


Belize Women’s Seaweed Farmers Association  


Hatchet (Ray) Caye, Placencia, Stann Creek, Belize

Thematic Area:

Blue Business Innovation 


March 2024 – August 2025

Funds from Belize Fund ($BZD):


Co-financing ($BZD):


Project Goal:

To bolster the seaweed mariculture sector by enhancing institutional capacity, improving farming practices, and ensuring local market access for dried seaweed and value-added seaweed products.   

Project Objectives:

  1. To enhance the institutional capacity of the BWSFA to support farmers and members in fostering a profitable and equitable community-oriented seaweed mariculture industry. 
  2. To increase quality and yield by improving sustainable seaweed farming practices and expanding the number of plots  
  3. To expand sales of high-quality dried seaweed and value-added seaweed products. 

Expected Outputs:

  1. Human resource capacity and office facilities established and strengthened to support incremental organizational growth. 
  2. Essential governance structures, management systems, and organizational policies and plans developed and implemented. 
  3. Environmental monitoring, seaweed cultivation and harvesting procedures and protocols developed and implemented for quality control and maximized yield. 
  4. At least five new Eucheuma isiforme seaweed farming plots established and maintained. 
  5. Routine farm maintenance conducted daily by seaweed farming staff officers and association members. 
  6. Improved packaging for dried seaweed. 
  7. Belize seaweed products benefits, and market potential promoted through national and international marketing and media channels.