Enhancing Sustainable Fisheries Management for Sharks and Finfish through Collaborative Community-Based Data Collection 


Wildlife Conservation Society Belize


Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System 

Thematic Area:

Sustainable Fisheries


March 2024 – April 2026

Funds from Belize Fund ($BZD):


Co-financing ($BZD):


Project Goal:

To improve the assessments of key finfish and shark species in Belize, with strong fisher participation and engagement 

Project Objectives:

  1. Ensure length-based assessments of finfish and sharks in Belize are based on local life-history information and accurate landings data. 
  2. To build capacity of a key stakeholder (fishers) and ensure their participation in science, landings data collection, and assessments  
  3. Highlight the importance of accurate fisher-reported landings data and the benefits of sustainably managed fisheries 

Expected Outputs:

  1. Data and samples collected for at least 15 species. 
  2. Established length at maturity in Belize for 15 commercially important species. 
  3. Established age at maturity in Belize for 5 commercially important shark species. 
  4. Updated length-based assessments to include all available landings data and new life history data. 
  5. Enhanced finfish and CITES-compliant shark landings reporting. 
  6. Fisherfolk trained in data and sample collection. 
  7. Increased employment opportunities for fisherfolk. 
  8. Mass media communications highlighting the importance of sustainable fisheries and collecting accurate data to assess fisheries for sustainability.