Full Circle Belize: Biodiversity Guardians against Plastic Pollution


Humana People to People Belize


Terrestrial areas: Belmopan City, Camalote, Cotton Tree, Teakettle, Roaring Creek, Ontario, Unitedville, and Armenia 

Coastal areas: Riversdale and Seine Bight

Thematic Area:

Protection for Biodiversity


February 2024 – May 2026

Funds from Belize Fund ($BZD):


Co-financing ($BZD):


Project Goal:

To implement a classroom instruction package, field visits for upper-division students, and training workshops for 50 tour guides from 8 communities in southern Belize to encourage increased exposure, knowledge, appreciation, and interest in marine conservation by at least 25% by the fourth quarter of 2024.   

Project Objectives:

  1. To design and implement a robust marine conservation training curriculum by June 2025 
  2. To empower upper-division students in eight communities in southern Stann Creek with relevant knowledge of marine conservation by June 2025
  3. To increase tour guides’ understanding of marine ecosystems and best practices for conducting tours that enhance responsible tourism in southern Stann Creek by June 2025

Expected Outputs:

  1. Skilled personnel hired for the design and implementation of the project.
  2. Qualified Teachers and Tour Guides trained as trainers.
  3. Marine conservation package created for standard five students.
  4. Standard five classroom presentations on marine conservation completed in eight schools.
  5. Marine field trips completed for standard five students from eight primary schools.
  6. Marine conservation packages created for a 1-day workshop for inland and marine tour guides.
  7. At least 25 inland tour guides attend marine ecosystems training and field trips.
  8. At least 25 marine tour guides attend a one-day training workshop on advanced marine topics and best practices