Belize Fund for a Sustainable Future holds 2-Year Anniversary and Awards Ceremony

The Belize Fund for a Sustainable Future (Belize Fund) was thrilled to celebrate its 2-year Anniversary and Awards Ceremony on March 21, 2024, to recognize the recipients of the Grants Awards Program (GAP) 2023-2024 grant cycle and the outstanding contributions of key partners in marine conservation.

In two years, the Belize Fund has invested a total of BZD 17.9M into marine conservation initiatives such as data collection efforts for informed decision-making, tracking environmental changes, and understanding ecosystem dynamics which are vital for effective marine conservation and management. The funding also supported the building of a manatee rehabilitation facility and the integration of innovative technologies like such as software tools, drones, and infrared long-ranged cameras to improve the effectiveness of managing marine protected areas.

The Belize Fund now awards BZD 2,546,583.34 in its 2023-2024 grant cycle to five (5) non-government entities:

β€’ Southern Environmental Association: $750,000 – to use innovative technology to improve enforcement and scientific research in protected areas like Gladden Spit, Silk Caye Marine Reserve, and Laughing Bird Caye National Park.

β€’ Toledo Institute for Development and Environment (TIDE): $696,598.34 – to protect commercially valuable fish species and the breeding grounds where fish gather (spawning aggregation sites) in the Sapodilla Cayes Marine Reserve.

β€’ Clearwater Marine Aquarium Research Institute: $149,985.00 – to develop better strategies to manage the impact of climate change through increased conservation capacities for manatees and seagrass meadows in Belize.

β€’ Belize Women’s Seaweed Farmers Association: $150,000.00 – to help seaweed farmers in Belize improve their operations and grow their businesses sustainably.

β€’ Wildlife Conservation Society: $800,000.00 – to work with local communities to collect data on sharks and other finfish for better management plans for sustainable fisheries, ensuring healthy fish populations for future generations.

“These past two years marks a journey to ensure that the much-needed funding enhances conservation efforts and fosters environmental stewardship,” said Dr Leandra Cho-Ricketts, Executive Director of the Belize Fund. “We’re honoured to celebrate these achievements alongside the dedicated individuals and organizations who are making a difference in Belize’s ocean space. Through innovative financing mechanisms, the Belize Fund will continue its work to support Belize’s conservation efforts through capacity-building initiatives, and partnerships with targeted stakeholders to empower communities and build a resilient and sustainable future for Belize.”

The 2nd Annual Impact Report, to be published in May 2024, will share in more detail the work and achievements of the Belize Fund in its first 2 years.

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The Belize Fund for a Sustainable Future (Belize Fund) is a private conservation trust fund, formally incorporated on 8 March 2022 and established to support conservation and climate change adaptation activities in Belize, with a focus on marine resources. With the involvement of relevant stakeholders, the Belize Fund finances and supports initiatives aligned with Belize’s conservation commitments under the Blue Loan and Conservation Funding Agreements to ensure a sustainable future for Belize.


Media Contact: Chalsey Gill Anthony, Communications Officer,