Important Announcement – Adoption of the shorter and more accessible name “Belize Fund”

Our official name is “Belize Fund for a Sustainable Future.” However, for the sake of clarity, consistency, and ease of communication, we have adopted the shorter and more accessible name “Belize Fund” as an abbreviated reference instead of BFSF.


  • Enhanced Clarity: The acronym “BFSF” can be challenging to pronounce and remember for some individuals, potentially leading to confusion. Using “Belize Fund” provides a more straightforward identity, ensuring that our name is easily recognizable and accessible to a wider audience.
  • Ease of Communication: The shorter name is easier to incorporate into various forms of communication, including spoken conversations, written materials, and digital media. It ensures a smoother and more effective exchange of information about our organization.
  • Consistency: Aligns with common branding practices for clear and memorable identities, enhancing our brand’s recognition